Fully automatic laminating machine

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Fully automatic laminating machine

1.  Product Description:

    The fully automatic laminating machine is composed of CG cleaning machine, soft to hard laminating machine, vacuum hard to hard laminating machine and cutting line. Its main function is to complete thelaminating assembly of OCA and TP and TP and LCM.

2. Product application 

    Mainly used in the lamination of small-size LCD modules and cover plates such as mobile phone screens and car screens


  (1)Adopting CCD automatic alignment correction, the fitting accuracy is greatly improved;

  (2)No need to change fixtures, compatible with 3-8 inch products;

  (3)Soft-to-hard bonding is compatible with various work modes such as manual feeding and random inspection, which is easy to operate;

  (4)Hard-to-hard bonding adopts double station platform, high efficiency and stable bonding;

  (5)The LCD / LCM and the pasted synthetic products are automatically loaded and unloaded by a robot, with a high degree of automation;

  (6)Driven by high-precision servo slide table, coordinates are automatically calculated after the CCD moves position, without re-calibration.

4. Technical Parameters: 




3.5-7Inch  5min/pcs

3、OCA feeding

Automatic feeding of material box

4、TP loading

Feeding method: manual feeding

5、LCD上料   LCD feeding

Feeding method: manual feeding

6、OCA tear film (light release film)

Tearing mode: Easy tear film

7、OCA tear film (re-separation film)

Tearing mode: Easy tear film

8、LCD tear film

Tearing mode: Easy tear film

9、Alignment method




10、Product requirements

TP sizeMin3″X axes75 * Y axes50mm

            Max8″(X axes180* Y axes120)mm 

            FPC Length ≤50mm 

            TP thickness0.2-3.0mm

OCA sizeMin3″75 * Y axes50mm 

              Max8″(X axes180* Y axes120)mm  

              OCA thickness0.1-0.30mm

LCD sizeMin3″X axes75 * Y axes50mm

             Max8″X axes180* Y axes120mm

             FPC Length ≤180 mm

             LCD thickness0.2-3.0mm

11、OCA  TP

Attachment fitting

12、Attachment method of TP and LCD

Parallel extrusion and lamination in vacuum environment

13、OCA  TP

 Repetition accuracy

X±0.1 mm (Subject to identification features)

Y±0.1mm (Subject to identification features)

14、TP  LCD

 Repeat accuracy

X±0.05 mm (Subject to identification features)

Y±0.05 mm (Subject to identification features)

14、Cutting of finished products

Cutting method: belt cutting

16、  Yield


17、Machine dimensions

L11500*W2500*H2400mm (With high efficiency)

18、Attached platform height

1130 mm±20 mm


The device is compatible with R angle


20、  Machine weight

About 8500Kg  

21、 Power



Dynamic hundred

23、Air source

Pa0.5-0.7Mpa Filtration accuracy5μm L/s≥1000 L/Min

Air source provided by customer

24、Vacuum source

L/s>500L/min  Negative pressureabout-75Kpa

25、Power Requirement

3Phase  AC380V  50/60HZ

5. Product Pictures


100# Fully automatic laminating machine

200#Fully automatic laminating machine

300#Fully automatic laminating machine

400#Fully automatic laminating machine

500#Fully automatic laminating machine

600#Fully automatic laminating machine

700#Fully automatic laminating machine



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