Lens mounted machine

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Fully automatic Lens mounted machine

1.     Product Description:
 The product is taken out of the magazine through the precision conveying track and accurately positioned; the multi-axis high-precision manipulator is guided by the industrial camera to complete the precision dispensing and module mounting process for the product.

2.     Equipment application and industry
  CCM camera module process VCM, CCM module dispensing and bonding process to meet the position accuracy requirements of upper and lower assembly and bonding.

3.     Product features:
 (1) High efficiency, overall UPH≥1200pcs/h
 (2) High yield rate ≥ 99.9% (except for product incoming factors)
 (3) High accuracy, XY position accuracy: ±10μm deflection angle ±0.2°bond head pressure 100~1000g (programmable);
 (4) The first domestic mass production of similar models, which can perfectly replace imported equipment

4.  Technical Parameters


1. Application

Round, square, special-shaped lens (Holder, FF lens, AF lens) fully equipped

2. Model

Dwin-CCM LA3-08A

3. Yield

≥ 99%

4. X Y position accuracy

±15μm  @3sigma

5. Angle of defiection


6. Bond head pressure

100~1000g (programmable)

7. The lens size


8. Substrate size




9. Lens tray size


10. High efficiency

Overall UPH≥1200pcs (8.5mm lens, 40 panels)

11. Dimensions

L1400 x W1350 x H2200mm

12. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

13. Time consuming for

product specification change

New product≤60min

The time it takes to switch to a new product ≤ 60min

Debugged product≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product ≤ 15min

14. Height of operation table


15. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, without oil and water

16. Power specifications

AC 220V

17.  Total power


5.Product Pictures


100#Lens mounted machine

200#Lens mounted machine

300#Lens mounted machine

400#Lens mounted machine

500#Lens mounted machine

600#Lens mounted machine

700#Lens mounted machine


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