Plate machine?

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Plate machine   

1.      Product Description:

Through the high-precision multi-axis module system, with the positioning of high-precision industrial camera at the upper end, the semi-finished products in the CCM production process are taken out from the blister tray and precisely placed on the upper end of the steel sheet with high temperature adhesive, which is convenient for the production and manufacturing of products in the follow-up process of CCM camera module.

2.   Equipment application and industry:

      Mainly used in the product swinging process in the CCM camera module process.

3.  Features:

   (1)High efficiency, overall UPH≥3000pcs

   (2)High precision,repetition accuracy ±0.1mm

   (3)High integration and small space occupation, manual only up and down magazine and blister plate, equipment can achieve automatic production.

   (4)Compatibility, compatible with different specifications of products; less time to change product specifications.

4. Technical Parameters:


5.Product Pictures


100#Plate machine  

200#Plate machine  

300#Plate machine  

400#Plate machine  

500#Plate machine  

600#Plate machine  

700#Plate machine  


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