Semiconductor wire bonding machine

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Wire Bond Inline automatic machine

1.    Product Description:

       After the product solidifies, it flows into the thermosetting machine and heats and solidifies the product.

       After curing, the products will flow into the Wire Bonder Loader. The equipment will be allocated to idle Wire Bonder station according to the actual production situation of the production line to bond the gold wires on the products

       The bonded products are sent to the spring clip or the next station through the unloader

2.   Equipment application and industry

      In the CCM camera module process, the thermosetting products completed after Die bonder are distributed to several groups of Wire bonder stations through the precise magnetic wheel track transmission. On the premise of meeting the production requirements, the golden Wire bonder process is realized for the products.

3.   Features

    (1) High utilization rate, according to the actual production status of each equipment, real-time allocation of capacity, make full use of equipment capacity.

    (2) Cooperation between China and  Japanese shinkawa company, mature and stable technology, excellent product binding effect and good stability.

    (3) Compatibility, compatible with single machine production, line production, with a cache unit, reduce before and after the station capacity interference.

 4. Technical Parameters:


1. General range of steel sheet

Min70x150 mm   Max100x270 mm

2. Model


3. Time consuming for product specification change

New product:≤30min

The time it takes to switch to a new product30min

Debugged product:≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product15min

4. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

5. Yield


6. Height of operation table

1150±50 MM

7. Machine Dimensions

L1100*W1100*H1800 mm ( Without FFU height )

8. Air source specification

0.5-0.7MPa(5kgf-7kgf/cm2)  Usage200L/min

9. Power specifications

AC220V,  Total power4.5KW

5. Product Pictures


100#Semiconductor wire bonding machine

200#Semiconductor wire bonding machine
300#Semiconductor wire bonding machine
400#Semiconductor wire bonding machine
500#Semiconductor wire bonding machine
600#Semiconductor wire bonding machine
700#Semiconductor wire bonding machine


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