Online semi-finished stripping machine

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Online semi-finished stripping machine

1.    Product overview:
The semi-finished products and finished products are peeled from the upper end of the high-temperature tape through the precision high-temperature adhesive peeling mechanism, and the imported high-precision linear motor components are matched with the precision industrial camera to place the semi-finished and finished products in the fixture carrier or the product blanking box.

2.    Equipment application and industry:
The process in which the semi-finished products and finished products in the CCM camera module process are peeled from the upper end of the steel sheet high temperature glue.

3.   Product features

      (1) High efficiency, overall UPH≥3000pcs

     (2) High yield rate ≥ 99%

     (3) High precision, repeatability ±0.1mm

     (4) Strong versatility: It is compatible with the stripping process of finished and semi-finished products, and has more powerful functions and stronger adaptability than a single model on the market.

4.   Technical Parameters


1. General range of steel sheet



2. Model

Dwin-BD CCM-02B

3. Yield


4. Tray size

MAX: L300*W250*H15mm,

MIN: L240*W100*H10mm(other specifications can be customized)

5. Vehicle size

MAX: L300*W100*H10mm

MIN: L240*W80*H5mm(other specifications can be customized)

6. High efficiency

Ooverall UPH ≥3000pcs

7. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

8. Time consuming for

product specification change

New product≤60min

The time it takes to switch to a new product≤60min

Debugged product≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product≤15min

9. Height of operation table

1050±50 mm

10. Machine Dimensions

L1670 *W1350 *H2200mm

11. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, without oil and water

12. Power specifications


13. Total power


5.product pictures

100#Online semi-finished stripping machine

200#Online semi-finished stripping machine

300#Online semi-finished stripping machine


Online semi-finished stripping machine

500#Online semi-finished stripping machine

600#Online semi-finished stripping machine

700#Online semi-finished stripping machine



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