Company Advantages

Company invention patents and related certificates:

Shuangshi is committed to the deep cultivation of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and continuously develops new products with advanced technology and concepts. At present, it has 8 invention patents, 42 software copyrights, 62 utility model patents, and 20 software test reports. The company's products have the characteristics of precision, automation, informationization, intelligence, and multimedia, and are supported by independent intellectual property rights, and are recognized as "Guangdong Province High-tech Products".



Shuangshi Technology Ability:

1. Can provide customers with automation transformation schemes, and improve production automation and productivity;
2. Jointly develop new automation equipment with customers to overcome difficulties and improve production efficiency and production yield;
3. There are multiple service centers across the country, which can provide 24-hour service, on-call, fast response, fast processing and resolution, and fast timeliness.

Technical highlights:

1. The only equipment factory in the industry that can simultaneously develop fully automatic full laminating and fully automatic polarizer laminating equipment
2. The production yield of various machines exceeds that of imported equipment
3. Wide coverage of professional fields: precision dispensing, precision assembly, semiconductor cleaning, whole line assembly testing, etc.
4. Strong research and development capabilities for new processes, with a number of independent invention patents, and the main products are certified by Huawei, VIVO, etc.
5. The only equipment factory that can independently design the entire process of the camera COB line



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