Double ten analysis speed loop on the characteristics of CNC transmission system

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Double Ten on the analysis of the characteristics of the CNC transmission system speed loop
    In order to improve the system’s eye tracking accuracy and response speed, the feed system used to increase
The method of system gain, the value of k, is increased to 800-1600s-0, such a high gain
The system is the so-called hard servo system. This kind of system is in the high frequency region. It depends on the stable circuit.
To add a larger damping effect, the system is still not easy to stabilize. In addition, because the servo motor
Or the non-linear influence of mechanical transmission components can easily reduce the position control accuracy. Recently, count
The high gain system is not used on the control machine tool, but the so-called soft service system is the low gain system.
Benefit system. If you use a DC servo motor system, take k,=8-20s-use electro-hydraulic
Servo valve is a system that presses the motor, take k,=30-50s'1. In a low gain system.
Although the steady-state deviation is large, the stability margin is also large. The system is easy to stabilize. In this system
In the system, a closed-loop speed control loop is added, and the gain kA of the speed loop can be obtained
It is very large, usually 800-1000 for Zhen Er. Shenzhen Double Ten so a small position deviation can produce
Obvious speed deviation, in this way, the speed control M loop can be repaired with a high gain
Positive, so that the system can get very high position resolution.
    The function of the speed control loop is also manifested in that it can reduce the time constant of the system,
Increase the damping of the system, so that the system can obtain a high response speed and stability margin. In the picture
In the system shown in 6-8, if there is no acceleration feedback, and the electric
Inductance L. Is very small, the electrical time constant TF is small, it can be ignored, then the electrical 
The transfer function of the machine is. Shenzhen Double Ten 
    Comparing equations (6一41) and equations (6-42), we can see that in the absence of speed 
When the time constant is TM. Plus 
After speed feedback, the time constant becomes TM/(1+kAkMkv)<TM 
It is equivalent to reducing the time constant of the motor. From the theory.L, plus speed
After drinking, the time constant can become very small, but in fact it is affected by
km, k4, kv value limit.


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