Parameter matching of Shenzhen Double Ten Drive Servo System

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Parameter matching of Shenzhen Double Ten drive servo system
    The CNC transmission servo system is a whole composed of electrical and mechanical links. Correct
 The dynamic characteristics of its components and the overall system have been studied a lot, and it has been drawn up
 Mathematical model. Therefore, theoretically, according to the requirements of the system and the system
 Mathematical model to determine the relevant parameters of the system. But the structure of the feed and service system
 The formula and working conditions are complex and changeable, especially the damping, stiffness, inertia, etc. of the mechanical system
 Parameters, there is no complete formula and reliable data to follow. So when designing the transmission servo
 In the system, in addition to necessary theoretical calculations, experimental analysis must be supplemented. especially
 In the preliminary design of a drive servo system, the structural parameters of the existing drive servo system
 And empirical data still has its practical value.
    (1) Damping
    The damping of the CNC transmission system mainly includes the inductance and electric limit of the servo drive device.
 The friction damping and dry damping of electromechanical components and mechanical transmission mechanisms.
    The role of damping in the system is: large damping means low positioning accuracy and discrete positioning
 The degree is large; when the damping is large, the dynamic flexibility of the system is small, the servo rigidity is high, and the anti-disturbance ability
 Strong. But the roles of these two aspects are contradictory. For example, the use of low friction damping
 Rolling guide and open-pressure guide rail are effective measures to improve the positioning tip. If the damping is too small
 It has the disadvantage of reducing the stability margin of the system and reducing the dynamic stiffness. Therefore, recently in some
 An adjustable damping damper is set in the feed system to control the size of the damping so that
 The trade-off considers the requirements between accuracy and stiffness.
    (2) Inertia Shenzhen Double Ten
    In the CNC transmission system, due to frequent starting, braking and shifting, the execution of components
 The inertia increases. The time constant increases, making the system sensitivity worse. Also increase inertia
 Most of all, the natural frequency of related parts is reduced, and resonance is prone to occur.
    It is required that the inertia JL of the transmission components converted to the output shaft of the servo drive unit should be small.
 For DC servo motors, it is generally recommended that the inertia of the motor itself is the relationship between JM and I, as
 For hydraulic motor drive system, JL)JM can be used, which is allowed.
 However, it takes a long time for the system to start up, and the system is easy to feel the quality changes and cut
 Reduce the impact of the smallest changes. Shenzhen Double Ten
    (3) Stiffness and natural frequency
    The low ghl degree of the system will make its natural frequency low. For an open loop feed system,
 Stiffness has no effect on the stability of the system, but the elasticity caused by insufficient stiffness
 Deformation will offset part of the position command and cause positioning error, the so-called loss of motion.
 In addition, the transmission rigidity k is insufficient, and the
 Cause a certain dead zone. Two F/k a, in this way, the output is the loss of momentum 2e.
 Therefore, when designing the feed system, it is always required to have enough rigidity in each link of the feed system.
 degree. Shenzhen Double Ten
    Stiffness and inertia are the two main parameters that determine the natural frequency of the system or each link.
 In the design of the feed system, in order to comprehensively consider the inertia and stiffness, the
 The natural frequency puts forward certain requirements. When using a servo motor, its natural frequency is one
 Generally lower than the natural frequency of the mechanical transmission mechanism; using electro-hydraulic servo valve-hydraulic motor
 At times, its natural frequency may be higher than the natural frequency of some mechanical components. General requirements,
 The natural frequency of the mechanical transmission mechanism is 2-3 times higher than that of the Hefu mule motion system;
Within the operating frequency range of the system, the natural frequency of each link should not be included to avoid interference
 Resonance occurs when moving; the natural frequencies of each link should also be staggered to avoid vibration
 Coupling phenomenon.


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