Double Ten on the characteristics and trends of the development of precision instruments

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Double Ten on the characteristics and trends of the development of precision instruments
 The development of science and technology will never stand still. The development of modern science and technology
 New requirements. Shenzhen Double Ten
There are some noteworthy trends in the development direction of the instrument.
 Precision instruments continue to propose Shenzhen Double Ten
     Since the 1980s, one of the most influential technologies for the revolution of instrumentation is microelectronics, especially microprocessors. it makes
 Product function expansion, accuracy improvement, size reduction, stability and reliability, greatly enhanced data processing capabilities and online detection, real-time
 The ability to control the production process. In foreign countries, the application of Huiji in instruments and meters is increasing at a rate of 35% every year.
 Become an important symbol of advanced instrumentation.
    The current characteristics and trends of the development of foreign instruments and meters can be summarized as "five modernizations."
    1. The structure of instrumentation products is accelerating electronization: conversion technology widely uses photoelectric technology, analysis, processing and control
 The quantity adopts microcomputer and microprocessor, and develops towards the direction of electromechanical integration.
    2. The composition of the display and control system of instrumentation is accelerating digitization and developing towards three-dimensional visualization.
    3. The operation of instruments and meters is becoming more intelligent while achieving automation.
     4. The capabilities of the complete instrumentation machine are realizing multi-parameter measurement and multi-function.
     5. Diversification of detection instruments and sensor series: sampling sensors and sensing technology have begun to change from structural to physical properties
 transition. Shenzhen Double Ten
     6. In response to the needs of different users, instruments and meters are being systematically developed in complete sets.
    The integration of machine, electricity and instrument has become a trend. Combination of electromechanical products and instrumentation, machinery, electrical transmission and control, instrumentation
 The table three are integrated, making the products move towards automation, intelligence and systemization.
    We should pay close attention to the new trends in the development of instrument design and the timely introduction of new components, new materials, new processes, and new technologies.
     Modern design methods such as design methodology, reliability design, optimization design, and computer-aided design should be emphasized and
 Pay attention to the introduction into the instrument design.


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