Shenzhen Double Ten Precision x-Y Workbench

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Shenzhen Double Ten Precision x-Y Workbench
    The x-Y workbench is a typical key component to realize the plane xOY coordinate movement. In recent years, with industrial robots, digital control
 System, the rapid development of precision machinery, the demand for X-Y workbenches is increasing, and the accuracy and running speed of workbench components
 Also put forward higher and higher requirements. In the Shao Mi mechanical instrument. It is an important component that affects the accuracy and efficiency of the entire instrument.
 1. Performance requirements, type and composition of x-Y workbench
    (1) Performance requirements of x-Y workbench:
     Due to the different use of the workbench, the performance requirements are also different. General static and dynamic performance requirements include
 Some contents are as follows.
    In terms of static performance:
     I. The geometric accuracy of the worktable includes the linearity of the guide rail of the x-Y worktable in the horizontal plane and the straightness in the vertical plane.
 Linearity>The perpendicularity between the x direction and the Y direction, the backlash and reverse accuracy of the X-Y direction, and the distance between the working table and the motion plane
 The non-parallelism.
    2. The static rigidity of the system, the table transmission system is affected by gravity, friction or other external forces and changes accordingly.
 The ratio is called static stiffness.
    3. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the worktable.
    In terms of dynamic performance:
     1. The vibration characteristics and natural frequency of the workbench system,
    Z. Speed and acceleration characteristics.
    3. Load characteristics;
     Month. System stability, etc.
    (2) Types of X-Y worktables There are many types of worktables. According to the driving mode, there are roughly
 Two types: one is the drive motor and the X direction (or Y direction)
The workbenches are integrated, as shown in Figure 3-16a. This type of structure is relatively simple, but it causes the underlying
 As the driving weight increases, the vibration of the motor will also affect the accuracy of the table; the other is that the motor is not connected to the table
 Connected into a whole, but installed on the base, as shown in Figure 3-16b. Shown. This type of mechanical structure is more complicated, but
 However, the driving weight of the lower motor is reduced, which is suitable for high-speed movement.
    The type shown in Figure 3-17 is to combine all motors
 Put it on the base. The motor drives the worktable to move through a set of longer transmission chains. The result of this, although
 It reduces the weight of the lower worktable and the influence of motor vibration, but it affects the rigidity and movement speed of the transmission system.
    There are also many types of stacking of the two workbenches in the X-F workbench. In special circumstances, there are also two workbenches on the same plane, as shown in Figure 3-17. Because in some electronic microscopes and other equipment, the operation must be performed in the front, so it is often necessary to adopt a structure similar to that shown in Figure 3-17. This type is also suitable for heavy workbenches to move within a small stroke range.
 move. Or use when the height of the workbench is restricted.
    (3) The composition of x-Y workbench
    The x-Y workbench system is basically composed of workbench slides, linear moving guides, transmission mechanisms, drive motors, control devices and displacement detectors.
 Figure 3-18 shows the components of the workbench system.
 When designing the x-Y workbench, the mechanical part and the control part should be
 Consider it as a whole, so as to be able to design a workbench that meets the requirements economically. Of which drive train
 The design of the system is particularly important because it has the greatest impact on the performance of the entire X-F workbench and equipment. So the following will focus on
 Analyze and discuss the design of guide rail and servo drive system.


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