Shenzhen Double Ten Technology on Engineering Ceramics

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Shenzhen Double Ten Technology on Engineering Ceramics
    Engineering ceramics mainly include aluminum oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, part of Deding oxide, nitriding and so on. The performance of ceramics is mainly
 It is determined by its chemical bond and crystal structure. For example, ceramics have high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high brittleness.
 The obvious structure includes the distribution of crystal phase, grain size and shape, the size and distribution of pores, impurities, defects, etc.
 Performance has a greater impact. By improving the sintering process and the composition of ceramics, it is possible to change the apparent emblem structure of the porcelain to improve its properties.
 Yes, mainly to improve the toughness of ceramics.
    (1) Alumina Taoyue Alumina meat porcelain can be sintered under normal pressure because of its good sintering performance. High hardness of alumina ceramic
(97HRA), when the temperature is as high as ℃, it is still 8OHRA, good wear resistance, but brittle, it is the first ceramic used to make knives
 porcelain. Rough turning and finishing turning can be performed on cast iron, hardened steel, and sintered cemented carbide. The forming process uses hot pressing sintering, such as
 The isostatic pressing sintering process can improve the impact toughness and flexural strength of the rice cooker. Add TiC to alumina foot porcelain,
 Compounds such as TiN, TiBB or sic can improve the impact toughness, bending strength and thermal shock resistance of meat porcelain, and expand the knife
 The scope of application of the tool. Dispenser
     Alumina ceramics have good corrosion resistance and insulation. In addition to being used as tools, they are also widely used in nozzles for sandblasting.
 Shan machine spark plugs, wire drawing dies, seal rings for petrochemical pumps, etc.
    (2) The bonding energy of silicon nitride ceramic silicon nitride base ceramic is very high, and it is difficult to sinter with simple high temperature, so reaction sintering and hot pressing are commonly used
 sintering. Reaction sintered products have high precision, and can produce parts with high precision and complex shapes; hot-pressed sintered products are dense and strong
 High degree, hardness and toughness. Dispenser
     Sialon is a ceramic based on Si3N4 that is made by adding people from the field and Y203 to Si3N4 by hot pressing and sintering. Its strength and hardness
 The properties such as degree and toughness are better than silicon nitride ceramics. Dispenser
     Silicon nitride ceramics have high bending strength, hardness, small resistance factor, self-lubricating, and can be used in the absence of lubricants.
 Work down. It not only has good wear resistance, but also has little wear to matching materials. It is an excellent wear-resistant material. Abrasion and corrosion resistance
 High temperature and vibration resistance are also good. Dispenser
     Silicon nitride ceramics are mainly used for cutting tools, seal rings of pumps, Gaoju bearings, valves of automobile engines, tappets, etc.
    The Shan gas turbine uses silicon nitride ceramics to make the blades, which can increase the working degree from 000% to 1370%, and the efficiency is improved.
30%, reduced fuel consumption, reduced self-weight, has been used in power stations and unmanned aircraft.
    (3) Silicon carbide ceramics are commonly used reaction sintering and hot pressing sintering forming processes. Compared with other ceramics, it
 The biggest feature of the product is high temperature strength and good thermal conductivity. Mainly used for nozzles of rocket tail nozzles, gates for pouring metals, thermoelectrics
 Two casings, gas turbine blades, heat exchange materials at high temperatures, encapsulating materials for nuclear tender materials and abrasives, etc.
    (4) Partially stabilized zirconium oxide has three structures of purely supported Cha crystal, namely monoclinic (M) phase, tetragonal (T) phase and cubic (C) phase.
 The crystal structure will change when the pure oxidizer is cooled from the high temperature. Among them, about 5% of the volume is swelled when the TAM is transferred.
 Lead to ceramic cracking. In order to avoid this phase change when using high ju, a certain amount of M sand,
Y203, proper control of heating and cooling conditions, so that the high ju phase part is immature, forming part of the oxidized clam (Partially
 Stabilized Ziconia), abbreviated as l written 2, good toughness. Can be used for piston crown, valve guide, etc.
    (5) Nitriding and nitriding. The crystal is a hexagonal crystal system, and the products include powder, bar and various finished products such as high temperature bearings, glass
 Molds, lubricants, mold release agents, etc. Dispenser
     Hexagonal nitridation can be used as a catalyst. Under the conditions of high temperature (1500℃-20000C) and high pressure (6-9MPa), it can
 Converted into cubic nitriding, the hardness of cubic nitriding is close to diamond, which is a good abrasive material.
    The properties of several ceramic materials are shown in Table 1-24, and the properties of several ceramic tool materials are shown in Table 1-25.


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